Energy, Engines and Aerosols Summer Program

The EEA Summer Program (EEASP) aims to develop undergraduate and graduate students working in our labs on energy, engines and aerosol research.  EEASP focusses on the “soft” skills and cultural aspects of research that fall in between the differential equations.  The 16-week program is built around a journal club, writing a paper, and designing a physical system.  The paper can be a report for co-op, draft of a research paper, or a research proposal, but in all cases the writing must follow a structured peer-review process.   Similarly, the physical design will be part of the student’s summer work, and it too must go through a structured peer review.  Upon completing all elements of EEASP we will provide a letter of reference describing the program and confirming satisfactory participation.

Program Objectives

Participants will

  1. Develop criteria for recognizing well-structured writing.
  2. Identify the logical structure in the argument being made by an author
  3. Practice reviewing technical information in energy, engines and aerosols.
  4. Practice presenting and discussing their evaluations
  5. Appreciate the broad range of skills and knowledge needed in research and design.
  6. Experience the joy of discussing intellectually challenging issues within our community.


Participants are expected to attend at least 10 of the 16 journal club meetings, and lead one of these.  In leading one of the meetings, we expect 2-3 hours preparation, including reading the paper and articulating the discussion questions for the group. As a regular participant, we expect an hour of preparation prior to the meeting.  The other components of EEASP will be organized within your research team and supervising faculty member.