Recent Alumni

Steve Zimmerman (MASc. Student)

Estimation of wind velocity vector from onboard sensors on multi-rotor drones.

Miayan Yeremi (PhD Student)

PhD Student working on methane detection with laser diagnostics and also co-founder of BarrelWise Technologies.

Behzad Aminian

Behzad Aminian (MSc. Student)

Effect of membrane deflection on energy recovery ventilators, optimization of channel configuration.

Iman Raghozar (MASc. Student)

Measurement and modelling of condensation in energy recovery ventilation.

Jim Lee (MEng. Student)

Hospital room ventilation and air filtration to reduce the transmission of airborne disease.

Tim Sipkens (Postdoctoral Fellow 2018-2021)

Aerosol instrumentation, inverse problems. Currently Tim is a research scientist at the National Research Council of Canada in the Black Carbon Metrology group.

Charmaine Neufeld (Undergraduate RA, 2019)

BASc Research Assistant on Supplied Air Face Enclosure

Alberto Baldelli (Postdoctoral Fellow 2017-2019)

Raman and electron microscopy of aerosols.  Currently PDF studying aerosol delivery methods for COVID-19 treatment drugs.


Pooyan Kheirkhah (PhD 2020)

Cyclic and spatial variability of soot concentrations in heavy-duty engines.

Sarah Crosby

PhD student now in Prof Adam Rysanek’s team.  Thermal comfort in buildings.


Rene Zepeda (MASc 2019)

MASc student. Hot surface ignition for heavy-duty natural gas engines.

Una Trivanovic (MASc 2019)

Morphology of aerosols from combustion. Currently doing doctoral research at ETH Zurich 

Keyhan Babaee (MASc 2020)

Light scattering and absorption of soot aerosols.

Jeff Meiklejohn (MASc 2019)

On-road measurement of hydrogen engine emissions. Current position, research engineer at FP Innovations


Amin Engarnevis (PhD 2018)

Thesis: Impact of humidity, temperature, and particulate fouling on membrane-based energy exchangers

After graduation I began working with a startup company developing low-cost particle sensors. I have continued research related to building energy exchangers.  Google Scholar Profile


Alex Sylvester (MASc 2017)

Thesis: Rib-roughened heat and mass transfer enhancement in membrane-based energy recovery ventilators

I am currently with the CFD group at Noram Engineering and Constructors


Ramin Dastanpour(PhD 2016)

Thesis: Characterization of primary particle size variation and its influence on measurable properties of aerosol soot

Lead Aerosol Scientists, Google scholar


Ehsan Faghani (PhD 2015)

Thesis: Effect of injection strategies on particulate matter emissions from HPDI natural-gas engine

After graduation I moved to Sweden to take a position as a Lead Engineer and consultant to “Develop a Testing Method for Industrial Filters Cleaning”. Since November 2015, I am working as a team leader and project coordinator at Volvo Penta AB in Sweden. In engine testing&laboratory department, my approach is a combination of 1D modeling and engine testing (similar to my PhD thesis). In our team, Virtual and Conceptual Testing (VCT), we are working as an interface between modeling and engine testing. I am also managing a project to bring modeling into the engine development process more effectively. If you are a university student deciding to have an internship or thesis abroad and our approach is interesting for you feel free to contact me.  Recent activity: startup of Cetasol.

Chris at PACCAR

Chris Mabson (MASc 2015)

Thesis: Emissions characterization of paired gaseous jets in a pilot-ignited natural-gas compression-ignition engine

After graduation in 2015 I have worked for the PACCAR Technical Center in Mount Vernon, Washington as an OBD calibration engineer ensuring compliance with California ARB and EPA requirements. I also work with our European colleagues at DAF Trucks. This involves test cell work similar to my work at UBC and full vehicle testing including testing in extreme environments and at altitude to ensure robust calibrations of the diagnostics.

Bronson fishing

Bronson Patychuk (MASc 2013)

Thesis: Particulate matter emission characterization from a natural-gas high-pressure direct-injection engine

After completing my MASc (2013), I worked with Westport Innovations as an engine research engineer working on both engine calibrations for emission reduction, as well as on research and development projects for advanced combustion concepts. Since 2015, I have been working at General Motors as an algorithm development engineer working on controls and diagnostics for active safety and autonomous driving projects.

 Amir A Aliabadi

Amir A. Aliabadi (PhD 2013, co-supervisor Sheldon Green)

Thesis: Dispersion of expiratory airborne droplets in a model single patient hospital recovery room

My passion in engineering is applications of thermo-fluids in buildings and the environment. An understanding of fluid flow, heat, and mass transfer finds many great applications in green building design, ventilation systems, renewable energy technologies, co-generation, indoor and outdoor air quality, climate change, and much more.

I am currently a research associate with the Building Technology Program, Department of Architecture, at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), but my home institution is the University of Guelph, ON, Canada, where I am an assistant professor in the environmental engineering program.

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