Anand Kumar

Installation Manager

I am the Installation Manager for the Rapid Air Improvement Network (RAIN) project which aims to integrate spatially-dense sensor networks, mobile monitoring and sophisticated instrumentation to map and characterize air pollutants with the detail needed to support effective interventions on short and long term timescales. Anand has a background in particulate matter measurement & instrumentation as well as aspects of heterogeneous ice nucleation in the atmosphere. His master’s research work was focussed on designing, developing and performing field evaluation of a multiple slit nozzle-based high volume PM2.5 inertial impactor assembly. An Indian patent was filed for the assembly design and is in final stage of approval. His Ph.D research focussed on heterogeneous ice nucleation on mineral dust and the impact of atmospherically relevant chemical species on the ice nucleation abilities of various mineral dusts. He further explored this topic in his postdoc by using Molecular Dynamics Simulation technique to elucidate physical behavior of mineral-solute-water systems at low temperatures on short time and length scales that are not directly accessible experimentally. In his free time, Anand enjoys cooking, baking, dancing and exploring restaurants and craft breweries.

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