Soot particle close up

Soot particles 150 nm across

We are interested in experiments that uncover new phenomena, using modeling  as a tool for interpreting and interpolating experiments. Over the years,  our group has studied the transport properties of fractal aerosols, mixing of pollutants in traffic tunnels, formation and deposition of particles in supercritical water  and novel fuel-injection systems.

Our work falls into three major areas:

A new area of research emerging for our group is the development of an atomizer suitable for Marine Cloud Brightening, which is the most benign type of Solar Radiation Management.  SRM is itself a group of techniques proposed for Geoengineering of a cooler climate.  Let me be clear that I am strongly in favor of reductions of emissions (through reduced consumption, improved efficiency, and renewable energy) before we attempt any flavor of Geoengineering, but progress on those approaches is really far too slow, even if COP-26 goes better than anyone expects.

During the SARS CoV2 pandemic, we’ve been working on several issues related to airborne transmission of COVID-19.  Our work on masks is relatively complete, while work on the relation between particle size and protective measures is just starting, and my comments on these pages on self-contamination from your mask is just “reasoned speculation”.