Current Group Members

S01_5957 Steven Rogak Professor and EAL Director.
Hamed Nikookar PhD Student, soot structure and optical properties
Miayan Yeremi PhD Student working on methane detection with laser diagnostics and also co-founder of BarrelWise Technologies.
Behzad Aminian Behzad Aminian MASc Student, effect of membrane deflection on energy recovery ventilators, optimization of channel configuration.
Iman Raghozar MASc Student, measurement and modelling of condensation in energy recovery ventilation; membrane permeability.
Mark Guan MASc Student, emissions from dual fuel engines in real world conditions.
Steve Zimmerman MASc Student, estimation of wind velocity vector from onboard sensors on multi-rotor drones.
Jim Lee MEng Student, hospital room ventilation and air filtration to reduce the transmission of airborne disease.

 Recent Alumni