Alberto Baldelli

Project: Raman and Electron Microscopy of Soot Particles from Flares and Engines  

Alberto Baldelli is a PostDoctoral Fellow in mechanical engineering at the University of British Columbia. He is currently developing new methods of characterizing aerosols. He uses and interprets Raman spectra of soot aerosols generated by flares at different operating conditions. In addition, he investigates the use of electron tomography for the 3-D imaging of soot aggregates and the determination of the chemical elements contained in soot aerosols. Furthermore, he collaborates with a few companies in the validation of indoor particulate matter and gas sensors, characterization of indoor air aerosols, and detection of silica content in mining dust.

He holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, obtained at the University of Alberta. His main research area was Particle Engineering and his research thesis was “Development of a monodisperse droplet chain and production of optimal particles for pulmonary drug delivery of therapeutics”. In his first year of PhD, he developed a “Superhydrophobic and Electrically Conductive (SECCO) multi-functional coating”. In his Master degree, obtained with a collaboration between the Universita’ degli studi di Brescia, Universite’ Louis Pasteur, and Indiana University of Pennsylvania, he developed a computational model for the multiscale analysis of fracture propagation in brittle solids


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